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We offer you ways to  reconnect you with sources of health and inspiration. We aim to inform and empower people who wish to take their wellbeing seriously, using natural holistic approaches.

Re-fresh and detox your body, mind and spirit. Join us for wonderful retreats in Gozo and Somerset. Lose those excess worries, extra pounds and relax. Re-charge your life with the amazing power of  raw foods and superfoods.  Learn how to incorporate these into your lifeRecover by taking time to relax with healing therapies, including colour light therapy, Reiki, and yogaRebalance yourself.  Know where your imbalances lie through a complete health and nutritional analysis and take steps to correct them, helping chronic conditions to heal. Re-inspire your  life with the help of wonderful  teachers Check out our exciting workshops in London and Somerset Read about our amazing retreats in the UK and Gozo, Malta

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“I really cannot fault your hospitality, warmth and juicing expertise.
I think what you and Robin are doing is important and inspirational.”

Franco (property developer, Italy)

“I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the hands on work. I also enjoyed chatting and learning about health issues, superfoods and ingredients. Oh, the swim was pretty good too. So, everything really!” Val “The food was without exception superb. I enjoyed the theory too.. A fabulous weekend which puts food into its rightful place in our lives”


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UK Retreats

Give yourself a relaxing detox weekend in a delightful country setting.  Our 17th century house is a haven of peace and quiet in the Quantock Hills, not far from Glastonbury, in Somerset.

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Health Analysis

We at ReSource advocate natural methods of nutrition and lifestyle for achieving optimum health. However, we are aware that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to the human body – we are all unique!

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A new report has appeared on “The Epigenetic Impact of Cruciferous Vegetables on Cancer Prevention”, based on a study at the University of Alabama.  Epigenetics is of course the emerging science which looks at how and why genes are activated or not, which is largely to do with the environment.  Excitingly, the new study concludes […]

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