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About Us

About Us

Your hosts Jenny and Robin

Robin and Jenny Littman’s journey together began in 1999 on a Gill Edwards workshop in the Lake District called ‘Pure Bliss’!  It was the first personal development workshop that Jenny had ever been on, and it brought big changes to their lives!  From the understanding that ‘we create our own reality’, they set about creating a life together, and ultimately to founding ReSource.

ReSource is the vehicle with which to pass on their experiences with healthy living at all levels.  It is based on a passion for and commitment to taking responsibility for our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Previous work life

When they met, Jenny had been working in the field of tourism and its wellbeing and social benefits for 12 years.  Then the director of the Family Holiday Association, she was awarded an MBE for services to the charity. She went on to run the accessibility charity Tourism for All UK.  She is also co-founder of a charity, the Wishing Tree Trust, which helps provides holistic holidays for families in need.

Robin was a businessman in the corporate world for over 30 years, gaining an understanding of business principles, and real enjoyment in making long term connections with people in many countries using his languages. Robin followed a strong calling to train in psychotherapy, training first for three years in Psychosynthesis Counselling at ReVision in London, and following this with a masters degree in themindfulness-influenced Psychotherapy MA degree course at the Karuna Institute in Devon. This was followed by a year’s training at CCPE in London in transpersonal couples psychotherapy, and many more trainings. He is an accredited member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling Practitioners) and had a private practice in Taunton for 20 years.

New Directions

Jenny decided to train in various healing modalities, such as Colour Light Therapy (‘Colourpuncture’), Tachyon, and Reiki healing which are particularly effective in dealing with both the physical and emotional/psychological causes of ‘dis-ease’. For instance, there are specific treatments that are particularly suitable for detoxing, for hormonal balance, and for healing from traumas of different kinds.

Robin has now retired from regular practice and is dedicating his efforts into setting up the Taunton Health Hub, which aims to empower people to look after their own health, but also give access to a range of practitioners from allopathic to holistic.  There are now Weekend Wellbeing events being held twice a year, and evening ‘Talk and Taster’ events in Taunton showcasing practitioners and how they have come to offer the modalities they practise, overcoming a range of conditions.  Find us on where people who join can also book a free personal health review in Taunton.

Raw Inspiration

Jenny discovered the new ‘raw food cuisine’ at a meditation retreat, and persuaded Robin, who was already a life-long vegetarian, to go on a training workshop with the wonderful French raw food chef Niten Vital.
It proved a turning point – Robin’s health especially was transformed, with raised energy levels, boosted immune system, losing weight, and not getting colds any more! Jenny too benefitted in dealing with menopausal symptoms.  They researched the subject extensively, studying and working with a number of different nutritional and natural health experts.

They now love to share the journey of how to detox and incorporate this lifestyle into the busy lives most people lead, running retreats in the UK and overseas, and an online store for detox and natural health products, superfoods and supplements that they have found to be effective.

Mind/Body connection

Robin’s experience as a psychotherapist has made him very aware that negative experiences from the past, which may be buried in the unconscious mind, can have a powerful effect on the body.  This can set up behaviour patterns which may make it hard to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, and are therefore even more necessary to be understood and transformed.

Jenny’s work as a colour light therapist has also provided a tool with which to seek out the blockages in the unconscious which create imbalance and disease.  They work to bring these to the conscious mind so they can be released. Then it is possible to have the opportunity of experiencing real wellbeing and happiness, living in the present.  She can now offer remote colour light sessions which it has proved are just as effective as in person sessions in releasing imbalances and blocks to health. whether physical, emotional or psychological. See Our Services for more information or to book a session.

Both have realised how vital , the spiritual essence of all of us, the bigger picture of life is to our health and daily life, and our events include the importance of meditation, being in nature and learning to seek guidance from our higher selves.  Connection with others and how we can affect our wellbeing is explored – for example, see the article of the Power of Eight

This interest in the mind-body connection led them into focussing on Natural Mental Health, with the launch of a new website in March 2020 

This website features a range of micronutrient vitamin-mineral formulas created by Canadian company Hardy Nutritionals that focus especially on mental health conditions, from anxiety to bipolar, ADHD to insomnia which were not known in the UK.  The micronutrient has been thoroughly researched, and has been included in advice from the American Psychiatric Association.  It has been helpful to those who are looking for a gently way to reduce dependence on psychiatric drugs with difficult side effects.  Training is offered to practitioners in the field who would like to add this to their toolkit.  These can provide a first port of call to those needing help with symptoms and also a support to those wishing to reduce dependency on psychoactive pharmaceutical or other drugs for whatever reason.