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Posted on March 4th, 2020

Keeping up your immune system is the surest way to be amongst those that the virus doesn’t get to.  This is the major message that all the experts in complementary health are emphasising – as well as the lesson of  experience of those who went through the SARS epidemic – and indeed, common sense!  The virus itself is entirely dependent on the ‘soil’ it lands in – in other words, our cells, and how easy they are to penetrate….so dont rely on tests, rely on your own immunity!

Hygiene – we have all heard about handwashing –  as the simplest and most effective and cheapest thing to do!  But overuse of antibacterial handwash made with alcohol can actually destroy the immune system in your skin.  Soap and water seems the most effective – and there’s a lovely birch soap we recommend with real birch sap which is a powerful cleanser and antisceptic – drop us a line if you’re interested….. And see the Xylitol toothpaste mentioned below….  Finally, a really powerful means of protection may be had through use of Natrasan, an antiseptic spray based on hypocholorous acid, the method used by human blood cells to kill unfriendly bacteria.  It claims to be 99.9999% effective, which is 100 times better than most sprays who usually claim 99.99% – a percentage which still leaves enough bacteria to rapidly reproduce themselves.  Also, you can use a quality hydrosol colloidal silver, such as this Hydrosol Silver Gel   The gel can be used around the mouth and nose to protect from airborne nasties.

Boosting the Immune System

Beyond this there are other powerful ways to protect and build up your immune system.  At the Get Well Show last week, there were two lectures who offered the same message.  These were delivered by Dr. Damien Downing, a pioneer in ecological medicine and president of the British Society of Allergy and Environmental Medicine, and Dr.Thomas Levy, a cardiologist and one of the world’s experts on vitamin C. They stated that there is a simple solution to the coronavirus.

Dr Downing and others released a statement in late January in the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service to say that the coronavirus pandemic ‘can be dramatically slowed, or stopped with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C.’  (the diagram above is of the Vitamin C molecule)

As reported by Lynne McTaggart, the show organiser and editor of ‘Get Well’ magazine, recent studies have been piling on the evidence for Vitamin C.  See her blog ‘Beating the Coronavirus – Simple as A B C’

In addition, the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine urged preventive supplementation to ‘prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection,’ including the coronavirus.  They recommend:

Vitamin C:  3000 mg daily, in divided dosages (reduce this if it causes diarhoea or flatulence)  We offer a liposomal version which whilst more expensive than tablets or powders delivers a much stronger amount into the bloodstream, meaning it can almost compete with intravenous Vitamin C – see below for our new product…

Vitamin D3: 2000 IUs daily (Start with 5000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2000 IU)

Magnesium: 400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form)

Zinc: 20 mg daily

Selenium: 100 mcg (micrograms) daily

At Resource & Rebalance, we have been checking out various methods for protecting and boosting the immune system.  For Vitamin C, liposomal CureC is a highly effective method for taking high doses, delivering 1000 mg per sachet. Its also pleasant tasting!

Checkout the website for various options on the other recommended supplements.  Or make sure you are taking a good multivitamin like Optimal Balance by Hardy Nutritionals.

Glutathione is another powerful antioxidant which can help combat any toxins we may encounter.  The ACG Glutathione Spray  is easy to carry around,  or you could use the liposomal Altrient Glutathione sachets.

Also an effective bug-killer, Manuka Honey has convincing studies and is great for any sign of a cold or cough – our Manuka Honey on the Go is in a really handy sachet that can go into kid’s lunch boxes or when you are travelling.  Propolis is another excellent anti-septic and anti-inflammatory – I found out recently that honey and propolis together was used for wound healings and amputations by Florence Nightingale.  Comvita Propolis Extract is a concentrated form which is easy to take.


Finally, Xylitol toothpaste was the ‘word’ at the Get Well Show – made from birch (which is recommended by Dr Paul Cottrell as the best anti-COVID-19 remedy) – it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and combined with minerals from coral can give you all the tooth whitening, enamel rebuilding and breath freshening you could wish for – the kids version Coral Kids has a pleasant bubblegum taste while the adult version Coral White has a mint flavour.



Emotional Resilience

But perhaps the most important message of all is not to succumb to FEAR.  In a state of fear, our entire systems come under a sustained strain from being constantly in flight or fight mode.  This disturbs our nervous system, and puts our gut, our first line of immune defense, into a condition of alert which may mean we cannot absorb the nutrients we need for our health.  So please stay connected to all that makes life worth living, to your love and your light, and know that you are safe.  You may find the lovely audio files on our Natural Mental website, Kingcup Healing Notes, recorded with specific conditions in focus, such as anxiety calming or insomnia or respiratory problems.

Lets focus on the world we wish to create, not the one we fear!