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Beauty Weekend

Posted on March 20th, 2019

What a wonderful weekend we had! A gorgeous group of people, high level information and therapies,  lovely relaxing sessions with Madeleine Walker and Bayari, great food from Sam Mudra, and all capped off with a fabulous rainbow right outside the window, and a birthday cake!

And when we checked in last night with those that could join a video call, we were so impressed with the progress people had made, changing diet, doing liver flushes, detox techniques, and noticing the difference made to injuries and other complaints by the stem cell treatment.

The following testimonial from one of our lovely guests probably sums it all up better than I could:

“This is to say a big thank you to Shakeela and Jenny for organising such a lovely retreat.

Thank you for reminding us about skin brushing and oil pulling and caster oil packs. I have tried these occasionally before but I will certainly try to incorporate these regularly into my routine.

Shakeela’s talk on the benefits of herbal remedies, CBD, Hydrogen Water and Mitochondrial health, was extremely helpful and informative

I loved Jenny’s colour light facial which did release some stuck emotions which happened when I was younger…

The plant based food that Sam prepared with love and enthusiasm was amazing. His food has encouraged me to have more plant based food at home.

What a wonderful sound bath and meditation with Madeleine Walker. The sound of the crystal bowls was so relaxing and her singing voice angelic. I have bought two of her CD’s and am looking forward to hearing them.

I am very happy with the results of Dr Jan’s stem cell rich plasma therapy, which I am sure has improved my face. My husband Paul noticed the difference. I will certainly consider having the treatment again.

I loved the walk in the surrounding countryside around the retreat centre with Jenny.

The last session of the day with Bayari was blissful, having our feet washed and lovingly massaged in bowls of warm water full of herbs, flowers, essential oils, and Himalayan salts was blissful, then a lovely foot scrub followed by a Golden oil massage, even better. All this while having a face, neck and back massage. This was followed by a lovely birthday cake for Kamla. A great way to finish the retreat and

I was not stressed on my 2 plus hour drive home. 

My Psoriasis has practically disappeared after the week end so something has worked well for me, but I will still be starting the 5 Day Liver cleanse very soon to further help my Liver.

I am still feeling very calm and chilled today. You packed so much into the retreat. Thank you again, you are stars.”

Thank you everyone – and if you missed out please keep an eye out for the next date.  There will be a small bespoke weekend at No 3 Broomfield Hall for 3-4 people on 13-15 September 

Or come and join Jenny and Robin in Gozo on 24-31 May!