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Best Retreat Ever!

Posted on May 23rd, 2017

We have just finished our 9th retreat on Gozo – and we are feeling on a high! We had such a lovely receptive group our job was made easy, we are so grateful to them all for the gifts of openness, intelligence, fun and the desire to learn that they brought. Every time, it feels like our family is growing!

Inevitably during a juice detox there are the low energy times, the movements through resistance, the digestive adaptations, but this time everything seemed to flow easily and the results were there at the end. Those seeking to lose weight lost up to half a stone. The colour light treatments, the wonderful body work from Dorota Los’ Lomi Lomi massages, and the emotional counselling support from Robin did its work of bringing in the light at all levels.

The island itself, with its legends and ancient secrets and Goddess energy was supporting us all, and our guests loved exploring the hidden caves and stone temples that our knowledgeable guide Edel McGreal, and Gozo resident – and our juice master – Morgan Labro were able to direct us to. What’s more the weather, somewhat overcast and stormy when we arrived, turned to blue skies and warm but not too baking hot temperatures that were perfect for sitting out in the pretty garden and taking walks (or runs for the athletic) around the quiet countryside in north of the island where we stayed. And there were flowers in abundance – a neighbouring field of carnations sent us its perfume, and nasturtiums and marigolds brightened our patio and table…

Robin and I felt more relaxed and energised than ever before on retreat and are full of gratitude, also to our great team. Special thanks to Helen Day for helping out, as well as Morgan’s tireless work in the kitchen, Dorota in the therapy room, Simon Salamone for his inspired yoga sessions on the roof each morning, and his driving on the excursions, and Edel for her expert guiding and bubbly energy. And then there were the special surprises – unforgettable Equi Yoga – yoga among the horses at Victor’s Dreams of Horses sanctuary – it was an interesting experience to be in Cobra and find a huge horse has clamped your heel between his teeth in a friendly horse ‘handshake’! And on the last evening the Gong Bath from Magdalena and Corado was exceptional, being bathed in love and bliss from such a beautiful couple and their unborn child… no wonder we all ended on a high!

The power of juicing – of taking in nutrition from loads more organic fruit and vegetables than one could ever eat in a day – along with its ability to flush out the system – can easily be forgotten or under-rated. Robin and I remain passionate about the importance of doing this on a regular basis. Green juices in particular are detoxifying – green is the colour of detox, and also of Spring, which is a great time to do it, especially on a waning moon, which we had. But I am a great advocate of the rainbow palate – or plate – all the colours bring particular benefits and qualities. The power of red – of the betalains, lycopene, and other pigments, cannot be ignored either, nor yellow and orange, as we know from amazing powers of curcumin. Do check out my earlier post on the power of pigments in food, something we barely know about in our culture.

Thanks everyone for your love, laughter, dancing, healing, insight and vision – you’re all amazing!

And for those who couldn’t make it, please keep your eyes peeled for the dates that are coming out soon…. or check out our weekend detoxes here in beautiful Somerset..