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Brain Food helps her Feed her Body

Posted on January 30th, 2019

As reported in the last blog, we are excited to be supplying through our sister website Resource & Rebalance Me,  Hardy Nutritionals range of natural micronutrient supplements devised specifically to help with mental health issues – from anxiety and stress all the way to those on medication for more serious conditions.  They have been more widely researched and tested than other similar products, as attested by, amongst others, Prof Julia Rucklidge, a renowned clinical psychologist from New Zealand, whose talk we attended recently in London.  Her passion and commitment to demonstrating that nutrition and micronutrients can help bring balance back into the mind and body and should be tried as a first resort rather than last resort impressed us greatly.  Her research has included children, and victims of the New Zealand earthquakes, among others and she has been able to demonstrate a measurable difference.

We were not expecting, although not really surprised, therefore, to hear from one of our customers about her daughter who has used the Hardy Nutritionals Daily Essential Nutrients, their most powerful product, to help overcome her anorexia.  And she has been encouraging others to do the same, along with some of her personal experience and advice, and getting a large following.  Do take a look at her video on YouTube

Do share this blog with anyone you know who is suffering this upsetting condition, and check out the Hardy products on : as well as the Daily Essential Nutrients, there is an effective stress relieving multi-micronutrient product which is formulated for either men or women which is recommended for all adults!   Optimal Balance for Men, and Optimal Balance for Women were until very recently called Daily Self Defense for Men/Women, but the product is the same.