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Coffee fixated? Tried Bulletproof?

Posted on September 5th, 2018

As someone who has tried and failed to do without my morning coffee shot the recent video on Facebook about Women in the Morning made me laugh out loud!

I have been refining my habit so as not to end up in the same state as those women.  I learned about the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee originally from a nutritionist friend – that it is high quality mountain-grown coffee that avoids the health issues created by fungus in tropical coffee, and that you drink it blended with a refined coconut oil called Bulletproof Brain Octane oil and a teaspoon of organic ghee, which turns it into a frothy milky drink that readily replaces your morning cappuccino!  The brain stimulation that coffee drinkers gain is now shown to be anti-ageing and this is claimed to a super-charged route….

I found personally that the Brain Octane Oil sent my head up into the stratosphere, so I take it on a dropper with one drop per drink…. We also stock all the ingredients for the  on our Resource & Rebalance Me website – and we have just added some small 3ozs bottles of the Brain Octane Oil for people like me that only need a drop.  Or there’s an 16ozs size for those that want to take the full teaspoon per cup recommended….

For those for whom caffeine is just a harmful over-stimulant, then there are many non-caffeine alternatives that can be quite delicious….  I love to make a hemp milk ‘coffee’ using kola nut powder (see my recipe blog Kola-cino) or a coffee flavouring like Medicine Flower coffee flavour, adding some superfoods and a little coconut nectar – or a dandelion coffee.  Do send me your favourite recipes and I’ll give a prize to the best?