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Detox Retreats in Malta

Detox Retreats in Malta

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7 Day Retreat on the beautiful island of Gozo, Malta

  Friday 15th – Friday 22nd May 2020 

Tired? O v e r s t r e t c h e d? Anxious or depressed? Lacking energy?
Feeling stuck, unable to lose weight, or shift a chronic condition?
Medical solutions lacking or have unpleasant side effects? Or just need a real break?

Come to magical Gozo for a life-changing experience….


Our Personalised, Total Wellbeing Detox Retreat

The retreat offers detox support with raw food and organic juices on a 7 day programme,

all gluten and dairy free. We also include daily yoga and meditation, a raw food workshop, guidance on a healthy lifestyle, and talks and films on nutritional, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  The price includes luxury accommodation in a stunning eco-tourism villa with indoor and outdoor pools, gym, and open fireplaces, juices and meals, a colour light treatment, yoga and meditation, optional Lomi Lomi massage, and several excursions around the mystic island of Malta to see its sacred sites, like the ancient Gigantija goddess temple, older than the pyramids…. an animal sanctuary run by an inspiring animal whisperer, and beautiful cliffs, beaches and sea water.  Develop your own power of intention with experiencing a healing ‘Group of Eight’.

We work to bring your system into balance (‘homeostasis’), from where it has the best chance to heal any condition, and to take you into a state of wellbeing and longevity. There is emphasis on the need to get alkalised, oxygenated and detoxed in order to maintain or restore you to a picture of health.

The retreat allows plenty of time for de-stressing and relaxation, as well as inspiration and advice to take home with you to embed your programme into your daily life.

We keep numbers small (a maximum of 12 participants) so that we can support each person individually.

Will You Benefit from our Retreat?

Are you:

If the answer to any or all of these questions is ‘Yes’, read on!

 About the Island

Gozo, one of the islands of Malta, is a magical island with a rich culture and history, based in the middle of the Mediterranean.  It has claims for ancient links to Atlantis and other legends of lost kingdoms of the past.  It has a long tradition of miracles and healing.  Visions of white ladies have led to the creation of churches where healing stories abound.   The horizon is dotted with great domes and spires, remarkable for a tiny island.

Moreover, there is a fascinating past of goddess culture, with the Gigantija (‘Giantess’) temple well over 6000 years old – older than the Pyramids, as well as other little known sacred sites.  The landscape is full of spectacle, from sheer cliffs to ancient ‘cart tracks’, from the cave where Ulysses is said to have lived with the nymph Calypso, to strange flat topped hills, and beautiful beaches. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the beauties of the island, with a local guide who can take us to some of the almost unknown locations.



About the Venue

The retreat will take place in a beautiful centre which is well equipped with pools, terraces, and sitting room with log burning fire should the evening cool down.   The accommodation is discreet, peaceful, beautiful, and spacious, with private pools, and terraces. There is air conditioning throughout, and in the off season, underfloor heating and an open fireplace for cosiness in the evenings.


About the Detox Programme

A typical day starts with a meditation or relaxation and visualisation exercise, to set the energy.

There is then the opportunity for some yoga, gentle stretching exercises, or the 5 Tibetans practise.

Following the first juice, there is a group gathering, and then time for your consultation with the health team, and/or a therapy, or relaxation on the patio, by the pool or in your room.

Then the second juice, and our guide to Gozo will then outline the option of an afternoon excursion with the group to one of the amazing places on the island, a secret cave, cliff top stone circle, temple or church.

The third juice is followed by a talk, and some rest time, before the evening and the fourth juice or soup.  This is followed by a film or some musical entertainment before a nightcap and bedtime.

On the final day, there is a raw food workshop in the morning and a set of healthy recipes to take away.

This will equip you with healthy ways of eating and supporting your ongoing health programme, while we prepare lunch together.

Therapeutic support

There are often emotional and indeed spiritual causes behind ‘dis-ease’, and we employ a range of therapeutic support techniques to illuminate and release these, often unconscious as they are. We offer colour light therapy, yoga, meditation, Lomi Lomi massage, Tachyon cocoon (see image) and counselling from an experienced psychotherapist.

Follow up inspiration and mentoring is also available as an additional service once you get home.

Our programme helps you to re-frame your wishes for yourself and the world and embed them into your subconscious so that they manifest easily into your life.

Why Choose ReSource?

We pride ourselves on offering a really unique, life-changing and life-affirming experience that can continue to support you for many years to come.  We believe that investing in your health is fundamental to a happy, successful and long life – a life where you reach our full potential, inspire others around you, and generally make the world a better place.  It is from this place, and our own experiences of the transformative effects of juicing and a high raw, living-foods lifestyle that we offer you this retreat in our favourite holiday destination.

Here are some top reasons people choose our retreats:

–    People resonate with us and our personal approach and experience

–   We draw on the skills of some remarkable healers and work with people’s own natural healing resources

–    The programme addresses the whole person – mind, emotions and spirit are nourished along with the body

–    The holiday takes place in a beautiful location, complete with excursions which lift the spirit

–    The venue is luxurious, discreet, and comfortable with spectacular views and excellent facilities

–    We offer ongoing support at the end of the retreat

–    We get good results – we walk our talk – and our participants leave, happier, healthier and inspired!

–    Friends recommend us!

–   Our prices are affordable

The choice is yours.  Get a little taste of us from the video below and check out the feedback from our previous participants.  If you have any questions, please call or email Jenny on +44 (0)1278 671863 or arrange a Skype call.
Please book soon to ensure your place as we have a maximum of 12 places available.


The retreat lasts for 7 days, and costs start at £975  in shared ensuite accommodation in a twin or double room.  There is the option to book a master double room for single occupancy for £1250.  For those travelling single but willing to share, we endeavour to match people with a like-minded person of same sex and similar age to share with (and keep your costs down).  The rooms are ensuite, large and comfortable.  There are two twin bedded rooms on the ground floor that may be suitable for people with limited mobility – please enquire.

The retreat price covers:

Flights to Malta and transfers to the Gozo ferry are not included, but it is a simple straightforward journey.  On arrival at the main Malta airport at Luqa, there is a cheap shuttle service to the ferry which can be booked in advance, and a short taxi ride on the Gozo side. Or we can arrange a taxi transfer on both sides.   The ferry crossing across the Gozo channel only takes 30 minutes, (a 90 minute journey from the airport in total).    Its a scenic journey, passing the romantic tiny island of Comino with its Blue Lagoon.  You really feel you are arriving somewhere special!

Prices for the May retreat are as follows:

£1,375 for single occupancy of master double en-suite room 

Select Options

£975 for a shared twin-bedded or double en-suite room 

Select Options

You can opt to pay a deposit of £250 to secure your place.  Full costs are payable 28 days in advance of the retreat.  Payment plans may be negotiated.

Please note our Cancellation Policy

Testimonials from participants on previous retreats:

“It sounds melodramatic but this retreat was definitely a life changing experience for me.

I joined a group of wonderful people in May on the stunning island of Gozo.  After a week of juicing I went on to participate in a 90-day detox programme and have been losing weight every week.  I have now lost a total of 4 stones (in 8 months) and the weight keeps dropping.

I have noticed a dramatic change in my energy levels and my vibration has sky rocketed upwards.

I would thoroughly recommend this retreat to anyone.  Jenny and Robin are lovely people who are genuinely interested in supporting the well being of others..”  Jane November 2017

“I had spent over 20 years with symptoms that could not be diagnosed, and was labelled “unique”.
That has all changed thanks to reSource-me. I had sensed a calling to Gozo and was most fortunate to discover a retreat advertised in ‘Spirit and Destiny’. Thankfully, I took the plunge…..which turned out to be, not just life changing but life-saving !

Seems I wasn’t unique at all. I just needed to find the right people and the right diagnosis.
I count my blessings for a Bio Resonance test and thorough analysis, it highlighted a chronic pancreatic condition and provided the solutions to take my life forward. Happily, I am now on the road to recovery. Thank you reSource-me and thank you ‘Spirit and Destiny’. You have provided me an incredible new path and  wonderful things are now unfolding before me. I am eternally grateful.”  Gary (businessman)

“I really cannot fault your hospitality, warmth and juicing expertise.
I think what you and Robin are doing is important and inspirational.”

Franco (property developer, Italy)

“I lost half a stone in the 5 day juice period, and have managed to keep it off since! I am also implementing the resolutions I made and have made positive choices in my life. I loved the island!” Linda, (fulltime mum, UK)

“Jenny and Robin took care of us with genuine commitment and warmth – they truly go the extra mile. And the island was magical – I gained many special memories..” Vera, (Interfaith minister and social worker, UK)

“I left after my week with a feeling of wellbeing that I am glad to say has persisted, and perhaps more importantly I feel spiritually revitalised even though I am once again back at work and in the normal way of things. I am following a recommended dietary and supplement guide as a result of my bio-chemical testing carried out, and generally I am thinking more carefully about my food and am much better informed about the benefits of raw ingredients and how to prepare appetising dishes. I particularly enjoy looking back at my photos of the week and remembering the restful week in Gozo and close friendships made there, which were a privilege to have made; the experience was truly enlightening.” (Sarah, University administrator)