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Gifts of Health this Christmas?

Posted on November 22nd, 2019

Need some ideas for Christmas gifts that will truly be of benefit to their recipients, and show your love is real?

Then do think about one or more of the following items from our Resource & Rebalance Me website (, all of which will benefit anyone who receives them in one way or another….. and use the Coupon Code XMAS19 to get a 10% discount!

 Aulterra stickers or other means to protect from emfs

Miracle Ointment, Miracle Oil Roll-on, or healing mists – a beautiful gift from Wellbeing Essences to ease, calm, clear, and uplift… made with crystals, precious minerals, gorgeous essences, and created with sacred blessings

PureAire Alkalinity filter jug – helping your pH balance while filtering your water

CBD Chocolate drink powder – amazing new drinks powder from Juliette’s Kitchen combines hot chocolate with CBD, medicinal mushrooms and is sugar free!

Hardy Optimal Balance For Men or For Women – get the best protection for your physical and mental wellbeing with a complete multivitamin that is high dose and bio-available and contains the right combination of trace minerals – or find them on our new site

Greens & Probiotics capsules or powder – keep the good guys in your gut in charge of the rest and your whole system will benefit..

Or why not give a Gift card and voucher for them to spend as they wish on either our Retreats ( or our supplements/health products (  Just email with the amount you would like to gift and we will arrange to take payment and send you out a card to present to its lucky recipient….