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Glastonbury Festival

Posted on October 5th, 2014

Yeah, I got tickets – not to THE Festival, I’m afraid – but the Glastonbury WOOL Festival has a lot going for it! Actually, its free, you don’t even need a ticket.  But fabulous, if you like sheep. And knitting. And quite honestly, who wouldn’t!  Aren’t they adorable?
Glasto wool 2
It takes you back to the time when Somerset grew rich from wool – sheep were then far too valuable than to breed for meat except at feast times… Can’t we go back to that? Living in the country would be so much happier a place to be without those lamb-laden transporters, the bleating laments of the mothers followed by the silence of the fields in the mornings… Don’t be sentimental, I hear a voice saying, but no – did anyone see the BBC Horizon programme ‘Should I eat meat?’ Came to the inevitable conclusion that meat eating and a sustainable planet are no longer compatible…

Glasto wool 3And wool is such a wonderful natural material,  lovely in its shades of white brown and black, and just look at the colours it dyes to!  Wow – just where are my knitting needles? I got a book on knitting your own fairies at Christmas, and no, that’s not an Alexei Sayle joke, I REALLY want to make one. Or more than one. It’s my consolation at the thought of winter on its way, to sit by the fire with a riot of coloured wools and bits of glittery fabric, pipe cleaners and sequins. I feel a fairy making retreat coming on – anyone else interested?

We could enjoy some warm soups and super foods, to help maintain our health through winter… More on that next time..