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Health Analysis

Health Analysis


We at ReSource advocate natural methods of nutrition and lifestyle for achieving optimum health.  However, we are aware that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to the human body – we are all unique!  We advocate that each person checks out their own food sensitivities and allergies, and other aspects of their health to ascertain their optimum diet.  We have looked to advanced bio-medical approaches to find a way to establish what exactly each of us needs. Thanks to the A-Team on Gozo, we have found been able to access uniquely detailed health analyses.

Science now recognizes that we are electrical bodies; each organ, tissue, cell and emotion has its own unique energetic signature.  The bioresonance test can read these to check for imbalances in systems:  it covers vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food sensitivities, hydration, pH balance, sulphation, absorption, health of brain and organs, hormonal balance, emotional conditions, and much much more.

The A-Team also supply a programme to rectify any imbalances, which will normally involve supplementation, and avoidance of foodstuffs for which you have sensitivity, over a 90 day period.  You will be given a 60-90 minute consultation by Skype or in person on your results, and subsequently be supported in maintaining your programme.*

The full test, analysis, report and consultation cost £350.  A shorter test which is a rapid screen test, a snapshot of current health, is available for £235.

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*The questionnaire and report will be fully confidential and only shared between ReSource and The-A-Team

New Personalised Quantum Food Plan Service!

ReSource can now provide you with personalised menus and raw food diet suggestions to fit with your nutritional needs as defined by the above or similar testing.  If you are undertaking a detox, raw food is often suggested, but it can be a minefield to work out what you can and can’t eat.  Draw on our experience to help you.  Click here for more information.