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Personal Symptoms Based Food & Supplement Plan

Personal Symptoms Based Food & Supplement Plan


NEW!!!  Personalised Service..

Confused about the myriad messages of conflicting information about what is good for you to eat?

reSource is pleased to announce a new service to provide personalised support for those people seeking to follow a quantum food plan following a health analysis.We are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all diet plan because everyone has different food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies, and may have priorities set by the need to detox, or to alkalise, or to improve digestion, or balance hormones, or a combination of these and so on.

This invaluable information can be gained by undertaking the test we can facilitate for you.  We offer a symptom analysis based on a free questionnaire, the results of which can establish your nutritional needs and priorities.  The method is based on ‘The Felt Formula’ by Martin Felt, whose ground-breaking book, Eat Yourself Fit, has helped raise awareness of the power of nutrition over all our systems, body, mind and spirit. There are three options:

The free questionnaire will result in a report which will identify the two body systems which are the most serious in the category of Acute and Chronic disorder.  It will suggest the food and supplements that will help work to restore these to balance.

A much more detailed individualised report from Martin Felt himself can be purchased for only £75.  This looks into the linkages between the symptoms across all the main body symptoms to establish cause and effect, and a personalised plan of food and supplementation.

A limited number of people can enrol as clients for a full 90 day treatment programme, with regular monitoring and Skype sessions for support and advice from Martin himself.  ‘Towards a Balanced Future’ costs £300 (just £100 per month), plus you will need to get a specific blood test carried out by The Doctors Lab (typically £175).  You may decide on this after getting the report.  There are a limited number of places available for this.

£75 Personalised Plan Select Options