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Hibiscus Happy Hair

Posted on March 16th, 2017

Following my recent blog about TRX2, I have been thinking more about healthy hair…. There are many herbal rinses that are so easy to make – in fact, make the tea, and use what’s left as a rinse, so you get double the benefit!!  And it brought me back to hibiscus, which was my Herb of the Month last July….

This beautiful plant, also known as Jamaican sorrel or rosemallow,  whose vibrant red and pink flowers I so associate with our retreats on Gozo, Malta, is not only one that is traditionally known for healthy blood pressure,  but also I discovered is one of the top Ayurvedic beauty remedies.  The leaves and petals are used to improve the health of your scalp, as well leaving your hair shiny and lustrous…. It may also darken hair, so if that is not an effect you want, just take it internally by making the tea.   But if you are working against premature greying, then it is your ally..

You can buy a big bag of the dried flower for use in tea or as a rinse on the website, for just £15.

With flavonoids in abundance, along with proanthocyanins and potent antioxidants, hibiscus enjoys uses for fever-reducing, pain-relieving and spasm inhibiting.  In terms of blood pressure, taking 2 teaspoons (5-6 grams) of these dried flowers brewed as a tea (2-3 times a day) has been shown by clinical trials to reduce blood pressure.