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I need a detox!

Posted on January 2nd, 2017

I don’t know about you, but lovely though the Christmas and New Year break has been, the temptation to stray from our usually healthy largely raw food and juicing lifestyle has been great….

Healthy green smoothie from spinach. Glasses of spinach juice.

It would be different for anyone with a serious health issue, of course, but for those of us just trying to maintain a balanced system it feels not always sociable to insist on eating differently from others, especially one’s nearest and dearest who may be actually the furthest away when it comes to food and lifestyle choices, or beliefs about health and wellbeing…. So one does what one can, compensating with alkalising from alcoholising, and swallowing the digestive enzymes (thank God for them!) … and forgiving oneself and enjoying not judging ….

And ending up in January deciding what to do to detox and lose those extra pounds….

So if you would like to join us in Somerset for a detox weekend, we have one coming up on 20-22nd January….rsz_house_in_winter

and another on  17 – 19th February.   These are small and relaxed events, with lots of sharing of health info, tips and recipes, raw food workshop time, juicing, yoga and other detox activities, walks to see the swans on the lake, time to read beside the fire …. Book now to secure your place….

detox-box-1Or if you cant get away, but want to carry out that New Year resolution, why not try the Resource & Rebalance Power Box Detox – everything you need to carry out a detox week in your own home…