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Posted on February 15th, 2017

After years of instant coffee drinking in offices, for which I went through agonies of detoxing, I have returned to moderate coffee drinking because it does so much to sharpen my brain and lift my mood in the mornings… the Bulletproof version with its heralded health claims and added XCT oil based on concentrated coconut oil is the one that nudged me back on the caffeine track…

But I am now aware that it sometimes gives me a version of being on Speed… not that I know what that was truly like I’ll have you know – but how I imagine it would be – and it then lets me down again with a bump and sometimes a headache – just a bit, or a lot, too much adrenaline.  So lately I have been experimenting with Kola Nut powder as an alternative…  In case that’s new to you, I was intrigued to discover that this humble nut was one of the secret ingredients of Coca Cola (the second in the name, the first being the Coca plant Ie cocaine or coca leaves from the high Andes…)  – both being famous for the giving you energy and a buzz…

The Kola nut comes from Nigeria where the tree is believed to be the first tree on earth! It contains 1.5 – 2% caffeine, as well as the alkaloid theobromime, the feelgood ingredient in chocolate.  It is a symbol of hospitality and kindness in Africa.  It also helps boost oxygen in the blood, helps clearing the head, and is even thought to boost weightloss by its metabolism boosting properties.  It isalso used to fight chest infections and colds, and also to control the bacteria behind meningitis and tuberculosis.

Another property believed of the kola nut is an ability to drive other herbs into the bloodstream, maximising their benefit, Using the Kola Nut powder , combined with some other superfoods, including the immune boosting mushrooms chaga and reishi, the adaptogen hormone balancing Ashwagandha, and the blood sugar balancing of cinnamon has proved a great coffee alternative.  It  gives me enough of a caffeine lift and with all the health benefits of the superfoods, I am excited about the new combination I am now using and would love your feedback!

As with all superfoods its best to go slowly and not use too many in combination to start with, so do have a play to find what suits you, but I am finding the following a perfect combination for the approach of Spring, especially combined with some home made frothy hempmilk with lots of protein to give energy and antioxidants.



5ml Kola Nut powder

5ml Ashwagandha powder

5ml Reishi mushroom powder

2.5 ml cinnamon veru powder

2.5 ml He Shou Wu ( Foti Root) powder

2.5 ml stevia leaf powder

Mix up powders.  Keep in small jar.  Use one teaspoon per cup with hot water.  Turn it into a ‘cappucino’ by:

  • adding frothy hempmilk made by blending in a high speed blender some shelled hempseeds and water, thickened if you wish with Lecithin, sweetened with raw honey to taste if wished. For a really cold day, warm the milk before adding to the mixed powder.
  • you can even add 1 tsp of XCT oil – it truly is amazing stuff


If you want to learn how to make this and other ways to incorporate superfoods into your everyday life, come to a one day workshop witH Jenny Littman on 1st March near Taunton – its being held at the lovely Meare Court Farm run by nutritionist Elizabeth Bray, who can also offer accommodation in the lovely farmhouse and converted barns with spa – click here for an invitation