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Learning the ART

Posted on February 1st, 2015

Dr Klinghardt, founder of ART Kinesiology

Dr Klinghardt, founder of ART Kinesiology

Wow! What a fast-paced New Year! Our feet have barely touched the ground! And we are learning so much..

Rhoda Kingston’s training in Autonomic Response Testing (ART) Kinesiology (as formulated by the genius of Dr Dietrich Klinghardt ) kicked off here in Enmore on the second weekend of January and has just completed.

I am highly impressed by the exactitude of the testing, which takes account of factors that might give a misleading reading in traditional kinesiology. In that system, a strong arm equates to ‘good’ and a weak arm to ‘bad’ in terms of the energetic effect of whatever is being tested with the patient. In the ART system, there is a means of testing for, and taking advantage of a situation where a strong arm may mean ‘bad’ and a weak arm might be ‘good’.

There are a host of other techniques that can really refine down the exact supplement that will be of most benefit, and so on. We are excited at the prospect that we are now able to test for possible negative reactions to specific nutrients or supplements that clients on our programmes might be needing or using – to add an additional tool to the bio-resonance hair test which we will continue to offer as a comprehensive picture of health available by means of quantum energy.

We have also learned more about how emotions may be linked to specific conditions and parts of the body, and how, using Mental Field Therapy (MFT),it is possible to shift underlying beliefs, allowing healing to happen. Rhoda is herself a highly experienced practitioner of the ART – and talks of how she was able to transform her own health dramatically using these methods. Transformation is what we are about!

We plan to offer more trainings with her – so please register your interest in hearing about future opportunities – which will enhance your skills as a therapist, or simply enable you to support yourself and your family – by emailing