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Lose Weight, Rejuvenate and Meditate!

Posted on June 12th, 2011

We have been working with the beautiful new Flore Retreat in Northants to create a very special retreat on 22-24 July,  with Sarita and Niten teaching together for the first time….it promises to be a wonderful treat for body and spirit.  We have just recorded a short video with them both which we are putting on YouTube, in which they explain the benefits you can expect from this experience.  These include learning how to prepare delicious no-cook meals that are packed with nutrition, how to destress the body and mind with simple meditation practises, and gain long life, beauty and inner harmony.   To book, email Robin on or call 01278 671679
The following are a couple of testimonials from recent workshops with Niten:
“I lost half a stone in the first week, and I feel hugely better – as if some background noise or disturbance has stopped and I feel very calm and light and very ‘me’. I feel like I’ve done a deep meditation retreat. I am definitely taking up the ideas into my everyday life…So a big thank you to both of you for sharing your secrets and bringing Niten into my life.”
S. Rogers
I want to thank you again for letting me attend Niten’s workshop. It was truly life changing for me, full of insights, love and totally delicious foods. Wow, I still have the taste of the raw pasta with sauce in my mouth…and those…orgasmic chocolates!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!