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Need to lose weight? Need a detox!

Posted on August 14th, 2013

Is all this promotion of detoxing just a fad?  Is it just another way of punishing ourselves for being overweight?  And does anyone ever really do it?

These were the questions that I started out with, having fallen in love with raw food.  We then encountered all sorts of people who advocated regular detoxing also, and were doing it.  I was comforted by the fact that with a largely raw diet, my body would be assisted in its natural detoxing processes.  And by the regularity of our bowels since we started.  We learned from Aris Latham that certain foods are re-hydrating and detoxing and will clean the intestines over time – especially coconut, and watermelon.

My friend Niten, our raw food teacher, advised us that, in time, the problems we had with gas (farting!), caused by difficulties with digestion when transferring to a largely raw diet, would mitigate – we would cross some kind of threshold. And we are pleased to say (!) that we now find that it is cooked and processed foods that give us that problem.

I was shocked to learn that the average person on a standard western diet might by their late twenties have 3000 gallstones in their liver/gall bladder – harmful substances that have been crystallised out of the blood stream.  And that they are probably carrying around many pounds of indigestible food matter in their intestines – which the body then lines with mucus to protect itself.  This inhibits the absorption of nutrients into the body – as well as creating gas, making a breeding ground for parasites, and producing other unwanted byproducts.  This then means the body craves more food, to get the nutrients it needs – but if it still can’t digest, then you are adding more layers to the problem.

So if you have trouble losing weight, or getting enough nutrients, with digestion, constipation, or with any number of other issues caused by toxicity, then a detox could be for you!!

With all the recent talk of the value of a 36 hour fast, why not make that a detoxing experience and double the benefits?

Come to one of our retreats – either here in Somerset (one coming up at the Bank Holiday where there are still places) or in Gozo (details to come) and learn how to make this part of your lifestyle.
And look out for our Covent Garden raw food workshop on 7 September – there is no doubt about the naturally detoxing effect of a largely raw diet…

And if constipation is a problem for you, here is a little natural remedy from Niten:

Grind a tablespoon of brown linseeds in the Vitamix.  Add a teaspoon of soaked chia seeds.  Blend with fresh spring water.  Drink twice a day until the problem goes!