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NEW! The Tachyon Clinic in Central Taunton

Posted on January 31st, 2018

Having been a Tachyon practitioner for 15 years now, I have found it frustrating that the power of enhanced healing that ‘Tachyonised’ tools create is still so little known about. The ability to tap into energy that comes from the other side of the speed of light, sometimes described as the Zero Point Field, has been made available via technology developed by David Wagner in California – who used it to heal a chronic spinal injury and has gone on to found a University to acknowledge and promote advance forms of energy healing, for many years now.   Yet the quantum physics paradigm on which it is based is still baffling to most of us.

Interestingly, more people have now heard about Tesla thanks to the new electric cars, but how many people know that the name is taken from Nikola Tesla, whose inventions like the AC/DC current were fundamental to the development of electricity, but who was obviously seen as going too far when he ran a car, and lit up a building, in both cases with no energy fuel, and claimed that free universal energy could be tapped into. As a consequence he was largely written out of history, by those all too ready to exploit electricity commercially.  But many people are now seeking to follow in his footsteps.

What David Wagner, and Nikola Tesla, appear to have tapped into in slightly different ways are lifeforce energies that bring energies into our dimension that support life and work towards harmony and balance.

‘Tachyon energy’ to coin a phrase, can refresh your energy when its low, and bring you into balance.  In my experience, a ‘Tachyon cocoon’ surrounds you with this frequency and can give you the equivalent rest and relaxation of around 4 hours sleep – especially helpful if you are stressed, sleep-deprived or ‘out of body’.  Tachyon works at all levels, relieving pain and releasing energy blocks.

Some of the tools require training to use, and others, such as the soothing eye pillow which can help your third eye as well as physical eyes, the silk scarves that calm and protect you from jarring electronic frequencies, and a range of other helpful aids are available to buy to use for yourself and your family.  They don’t require charging and they never ‘run out’!


If you’d like to come and try the technology – have a cocoon, a healing session for pain, or just to see what is on offer, and you live in the Taunton area, come to my new Tachyon clinic in Central Taunton.

SPECIAL OFFER: Experience the cocoon for just £10 as an initial session.

Alternatively, join my husband Robin and I on the detox weekend retreats we offer in our lovely old retreat house on the Quantocks. Or join us in Gozo, Malta in May! We always offer Tachyon cocoons and Tachyon healing sessions as we seem to all be leading over-stressful lives….

Or buy one of the devices on our online store Resource & Rebalance me. Search for Tachyon and/or Tesla….

If you want a more vibrant amazing You in 2018 these tools give you a powerful helping hand and protection…

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