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New Website on Natural Mental Health announced

Posted on November 12th, 2019

We are very excited that we are launching a new UK-based website – – promoting mental health by a variety of natural means. The emphasis is on evidence-based methods, and in particular, micronutrient therapy – or nutrition for the brain – where there have been numerous studies demonstrating effectiveness.  The new site has just gone live ….

Few would dispute that there is a mental health crisis affecting everyone from young people, to an over-stressed workforce, to those suffering from dementia in old age.  The lack of sufficient micronutrients in our diets is increasingly recognised as a major contributory factor, offering a way forward to correction by supplementation.  The most tested and researched use of micronutrient therapy aimed at supporting those with mental health difficulties, is by Hardy Nutritionals.

David Hardy made it his life’s work to perfect formulas to help those trapped in mental illness.  We are already bringing their Daily Essential Nutrients, along with Greens and Probiotics to help balance the gut bacteria, and other formulas, to the UK with the intention of achieving similar results to those shown in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and you can continue to order them from the existing website.

However, the new website by putting them into the relevant setting will help make these more widely accessible, and will include the research evidence, with both clinical and personal testimonials.  It will also include the evidence for lifestyle and other techniques for improving mental health to aid practitioners and the public in finding the right path to balance in mind and emotions.

These are a few testimonials from professionals:

DENS was recommended to me at an integrative psychiatric conference by Dr Janet Settle in June 2017.  I have found it a very helpful tool to add to my armoury, when supporting mental health. With dementia I have found it very helpful as part of a multidisciplinary approach”.  Dr Julia Piper BM BS BMedSci MRCGP DFFP DipOccMed DipAccMed, Leicester

“The products designed by David Hardy have been the backbone of my treatment program for Mood Disorders since 2000.  I have found nothing else that even comes close.  His formulations represent the most important advance in the treatment of mood disorders since John Cade brought our attention to Lithium Carbonate in 1949”

Dr Scott Shannon MD ABIHM, Past President AHMA, Asst Clinical Professor University of Colorado, Founder of Wholeness Centre, Integrative Mental Health Clinic.

“What we’re finding is the stability that vitamins and minerals are able to achieve is far greater that what psychiatric drugs will do.  Patients describe themselves as more clear-headed, able to think more sharply and more clearly”.

Dr Charles W Popper, Harvard Medical School

What the patients say:

“Hi, I just wanted to share this awesomeness with you.  My daughter has suffered with Anorexia for 15 years and has been critically ill many times.  I discovered Hardy’s though research a few years ago and she has been taking Daily Essentials (and more recently Omega 3’s) since then.  I now buy through the UK distributor and I am 100% confident that they have helped her in her fight for recovery.  Last week she decided she felt strong enough to try to help others, so she started a YouTube channel.  This has just sky rocketed (there are SO many desperate sufferers out there).  Her very first video (in which she highly recommends Hardy’s Daily Essentials) had over 13,000 views in a week!  In her second video (Feed Your Brain) she recommends Hardy’s Essential Omegas…   ( grateful mum, UK Sept 2018

“My husband and I want to thank Hardy Nutritionals for saving our son’s life.  Our son Ben (8 years old and non-verbal) was raging, violent, breaking windows, biting and hair-pulling.  When we started DENs Ben was on 13 difference prescription medications.  We were told there was nothing that could be done for him.  Three weeks after starting the DENs we heard from his school that he had made a huge turnaround.  Now he plays with other children and at bedtime, he goes easily to bed.  Gradually he has been able to come off his meds.” PB September 2017 USA