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Next Steps for Our Reset Retreats – and online Colour Light sessions!

Posted on June 12th, 2020

Robin and I have both been delighted that the two online retreats that we have run in the last six weeks were really well received – and greatly enjoyable to do!  Whilst nothing can replace the experience of the landscape and sunshine of Gozo, that magical Maltese island, we found we were able to delve deeper into the process of what we offer and in that way sense that we have actually taken it up a level – in ways we probably would never have thought of, if it had not been for lockdown.

We have also loved having the involvement of some very special ‘guests’, including sound journeys with healer, author and animal whisperer Madeleine Walker, nutritional author Martin Felt and interfaith spiritual counsellor Vera Waters.

Here are a few of the comments:

“the twice daily support group, the therapy sessions and general laughter, understanding and sharing with my lovely retreat buddies made an enormous difference to me.. I am now drinking a lot less caffeine, having a daily green smoothie, craving sugar hardly at all, and naturally making healthier choices, from a centred place..”

 “I felt I gained more confidence in my work and what I can offer others.  I really enjoyed meeting a diverse group and the support and sharing that occurred during the retreat and how deep we went very quickly… there was a lot of trust in the group…. If you are feeling low or anxious, maybe stressed and worried and would like to lift your mood and raise your energy, join this wonderful online retreat”

“I loved the way Robin and Jenny held the space.  They want the best for their attendees.  The individual session with Jenny helped me a lot”

“Jenny and Robin’s Reset Retreat in June came at just the right time for me.  My mum passed away on 14th May and attending the retreat brought me support and comfort at this time.  It was a nurturing 5 days with lovely juice recipes, light salads, zoom groups, meditation and mindful practices.  I received some very powerful and beautiful healing from the group.
Thank you so much Jenny and Robin, I can’t wait until the next one.”

So taking this forward….

First of all, whilst lockdown is easing, we are aware that a lot more people will be working from home, or self-isolating as a result of contact tracing, or suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of the social or emotional consequences of all this, and would find this retreat really helpful. We provide all the tools, including nutritional analysis, recipes, lifestyle advice, detox techniques and a themed daily programme, and participants can work round it according to their daily routines and needs, so its really flexible.  And while the focus is still on healthy diet and lifestyle, there is also the space for reflection and for shaping your dreams so that the world we summon up post this global crisis is truly sustaining for all..

*** SO we intend to offer another RESET RETREAT in September starting on 21st to 26th  ***

The cost will be only £85 (concessions available).  Please book now by emailing

Secondly, I have been very happy with the way individual session of colour light therapy have worked remotely on the retreats.   I have been able to strengthen the immune system, assist the detox process, stimulate the lymph system,  calm overworked nervous systems, relieve pain – and there’s many more treatments available… So I am excited to be able to offer


Colour Light therapy works on a vibrational frequency basis, using the body’s energy map similarly to acupuncture.  If you are interested in a session, they cost £35 an hour and we can work with Zoom or Facetime…. Just email me as above or call to discuss on 01278 671863.

See here to learn more about Colour Light therapy