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Pot Luck Suppers

Pot Luck Suppers


Friday 12th October

Friday 21st December

6.30 – 9.30 pm


nr Bridgwater


Come and join us for a Raw Food Pot Luck Supper!  And in December, a solstice celebration evening too!

There is no charge, but please bring some food to share – a salad, a smoothie or juice, dessert, or a raw food dish you love. And we hope to have some lovely heart opening raw cacao treats!!

The idea of ‘raw food’ is to fill the body with abundant phytonutrients – and not heating food above 42 degrees so preserving its live enzymes. There are plenty of recipes around – for instance, see our Facebook page, or check out some of the many websites, such as Raw FoodsThe Fresh Network (who publish an excellent magazine ‘Get Fresh’; Kate Magic’s site ; Living and Raw Foods network ; Philip
Food for Consciousness and Funky Raw (also a magazine).

Please RSVP to and we will send you directions.

Come along to find out more about the new movement that’s sweeping the world!