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Raw Food Magic Lessons on Gozo

Posted on January 21st, 2016

Raw food training certificate presented by Kate MagicKate Magic Raw Food guruI am just back from an amazing week in Gozo, assisting the UK’s top raw food guru and author, Kate Magic.  She was teaching  her excellent Advanced Training. (We love her raw food recipe books, especially the superfood one, ‘Raw Magic’). I have returned re-inspired to create new recipes, and better informed on the benefits of superfoods, detoxing, alkalising and all that. And also with some magical ideas potions for party drinks, daily energy boosts, and time-tested folklore remedies that our wise old grandmothers knew well.

One of Kate’s big ‘things’ at the moment is using chia seeds – both for sweet and savoury dishes, added into drinks, breads, you name it…. These little powerhouses give you all the Omegas (essential fatty acids), they help hydrate you and energise you – what more can you ask?! So make sure you get stocked up to get you through these dark days…look out for the launch of our new website Resource and Rebalance me – – at the end of the month, where you can order all our favourite supplements and raw food/superfood products.. Sign up to our free newsletter for news on this and special offers….

Timely Raw Food and Detox Tips

One superfood I would like to mention, that’s timely for beating off the winter colds and flu, is Vitamin C dense camu camu powder  (our previous superfood of the month) – it’s derived from berries and quite citrus-y and tart, but great in a smoothie with something sweet…

One of Kate’s best tips was that making dairy-free milks with seeds and superfoods is a super-energising way to keep you going through the cold grey days – while also getting your quota of hydration in a form that may even be more absorbable by the cells than water on its own.  Watch this space for more information on this and some recipes for you to try …all you need is a simple blender or ‘Nutribullet’ and a nut milk bag(although I still prefer my Soyabella)IMG_1123

Techniques for detoxing and supporting the liver were also emphasised by Kate as important to a healthy life in today’s hectic lifestyle, which along with a high raw food diet included using enemas, and old fashioned caster oil packs – along with other techniques that we already make use of on our detox retreats here in the UK (we have weekends coming up on 29-31 January, 26-28 Feb, and 11-13 March).

Back in Gozo

IIMG_1177t was such a pleasure to be back in Gozo !  Warm sunshine – up to 20C degrees – and our beautiful venue – we all agreed its the perfect retreat destination with  its cheap  relatively shorthaul flights from the UK, distinctive culture and stunning landscapes.

So if you missed out this time, why not book one of our two retreats later this year, in either the first week of May or October? The weather will not be too unbearably hot, the island green and beautiful, the fruit and veg fresh to our raw food table, and more magic served up to delight mind, body and spirit….