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ReSource and ReBalance is born!!

Posted on June 15th, 2016


R&R 29   02  16   LABEL minus textIf you have noticed there has been rather a long gap since my last blog, please know that it is not because I have been sunning myself in Gozo or elsewhere – although we did manage to do a little of that thanks to the lovely retreat we had there in the first week of May – see my next blog!

It’s because we have been putting together a new website – ReSource and ReBalance Me!! Check out  to see the results of weeks of hard labour before a computer screen… We have put together all the products that have been recommended to us by our biomedical consultant,  Beverley Rimmer.  She has made use of them many timesrsz_detox_box_1  as part of the programmes she creates to make good the imbalances that show up in people who have their hair analysed in the very special quantum bioresonance test  she undertakes to gain a total picture of your health. You can then rebalance your system so that it has the best chance to heal and deliver the results you are wishing for..

The effectiveness of the products has therefore been demonstrated when retests take place… and new ones are also introduced as the whole field of natural health is advancing….

Our website is constrained as others are in this field by legislation which severely restricts any claims to benefits arising from natural products ….. all the information given comes with the usual disclaimers. However, we are very excited to be bringing you those items which we have made use of ourselves and found effective…and to be putting some of them together in the form of kits or ‘boxes’ – I am about to post information about our Power Box Detox – the detox retreat you can give yourself at home…. and look out for new ones on their way.

We are also selling the superfoods we love to use ourselves, and the equipment we have found to be the most useful, from ozonators to spiralisers.

And we have recently added Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) protection devices, both the Charisma Home protector, and the Energydots that you can use on equipment and on your person – check it out, frequent mobile phone and handsfree phone users, and bear in mind children and young people….They say that the EMFs around us have increased by 100 million times in the last 50 years!

If you have not done so already, sign up from this website to our free e-newsletter and there’ll be a special introductory discount code for 10% off your first order! My birthday present to you….