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Take a knowledge leap with David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition training

Posted on November 28th, 2014

Learn how to help your family and friends, and your own health and longevity,  by getting qualified in raw nutrition. Or use this certificated training to enhance your career.   As a massive fan myself, I don’t believe you can do better than to tap into David’s wealth of knowledge on superfoods and nutrition – by enrolling on this fab course:

David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition Certification

Sample lessons from the The David Wolfe Nutrition Certification:

  • How to transform your health by activating your own intuition to make optimal choices for you and your family
  • How to ‘upgrade’ your life based on the choices near you and discover the ‘Raw Clean Up’, an unbelievable cleansing & detoxification of your body/mind
  • How to accelerate your studies with the method, ‘Accelerated Learning’ that includes an important lesson on being the David Wolfecreator of your own reality
  • Establish the ‘Super’ Food/Herb strategies to answer, “How much Raw?” and using this to take advantage of the healing power of food
  • How to use and digest sprouts, grasses, seaweeds, seeds, juices for the self-evident health aspect of living food nutrition
  • Advanced study of herbs from around the globe, their uses and special properties uniquely discussed in a candid exploration – this info is not available on a public platform
  • How to get comfortable outside to forage for wild foods, find a spring, and hunt mushrooms, while also using these edible landscapes near your home for food security in these changing times

David Wolfe has earned the respect and loyalty of health-conscious individuals from around the globe, from CEO’s to Hollywood celebrities such as Woody Harrelson and Angela Bassett. More than an educator, David empowers and inspires people to take charge of their own health, most notably through his numerous best-selling books, including Eating For Beauty and Naked Chocolate. David Wolfe is a regular guest blogger for several popular websites, such as the Huffington Post. His interviews include hundreds of media in both national and international outlets.

By signing up through this link, a small commission is generated for reSource’s raw food mission – Thank You!

To sign up and for more info click on David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition Certification

Anthony Robbins

“Anyone can benefit from David Wolfe’s knowledge and understanding of raw food nutrition! “

Anthony Robbins

World-Renowned ‘Peak Performance’ Consultant and Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Awaken the Giant Within

“David Wolfe is a nutritionist’s nutritionist. His knowledge in the fields of raw foods, superfoods, herbs, and chocolate is unsurpassed in the world.”

 Dr. John GrayJohn Gray

Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus