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The perfect combo – CBD and chocolate!

Posted on November 5th, 2019

My favourite new autumn treat is a cup of heavenly CBD hot chocolate!  An accidental meetup at Green Gathering with Juliette Bryant, one of our favourite plant-based chefs and nutritional teachers (she provided all the food on our first Glastonbury retreat two years ago) started it – she had just brought out a new product, a CBD hot chocolate drinks powder.  Juliette reported receiving great testimonials for its effect on depression and stress, so if those are afflicting you (and who is not being affected?) then why not give it a try…..

Not only does it have the two ingredients in its title, but also medicinal mushrooms, namely reishi and chaga, which are great for boosting immunity and fighting unwanted funghi, superfoods mucuna and lucuma, and it’s sweetened with stevia, probably the sweetener with the lowest glycaemic load.  It’s just sweet enough to be comforting, while the herbal elements give a pleasant boost to the taste buds.  I find it the perfect combined effect of comforting and energising.  It seems we all have different reactions to CBD and also to cacao so while some might find this helpful for sleep, others might find it too stimulating, and are better off drinking during the day.  Either way, there’ll be a nice warm feeling from the PEA hit in the cacao – the love chemical!

As for CBD itself, there is a mass of products on the market, as well as literature as to its healing powers over so many conditions, from arthritis to anxiety to dementia… We are stocking a whole plant oil, CBD 10% oil, totally legal as it has less than 0.1% THC (the psychoactive element) but perhaps stronger than many products on the market. So its good if your system needs a boost more than just healthy maintenance, for example if you are addressing a health issue…and also a whole plant CBD paste, which is 20%, and comes in a syringe-type tube dispensing a small amount at a time.  They are both organic and GMO free and produced to high standards to be readily absorbed.  If you want the 30% version, email us as we get it in as needed.

Remember that almost all plants are both healers and poisoners – its all a question of dosage – so do start gently and find out how your endocannobinoid system works with the rest of your systems.  Find helpful information here

I’m off to make a cup of CBD chocolate now!