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The Power of Joy

Posted on June 1st, 2018

Today Robin and I are relaxing in the beautiful old city of Valletta, having said goodbye one more time to the joyful isle that is Gozo!

We are reflecting with much joy on the retreat we just held there, on all the special moments that will live on with us, whether of laughter or tears, of lightness or profundity, of concentration or relaxation… And on the lovely group of people that were gathered there who now feel like members of our extended family of all those who have been ReSource ‘Re-Treaters’ with us, reconnecting with their source of wellbeing.

I will never forget, for example, Laura’s return from her treatment with John Cauchi, transformed from worry and anxiety into a laughing angel, twenty years gone from her in a few hours.  Or Lola rescuing Jan’s underwear when the wind blew it into the garden next door!  Or the glowing faces of those who emerged from the out-of-this-world massages delivered by Magdalena and Corrado.  Or Kheli and Laura dancing in the kitchen, and the little song that became the anthem “Every little cell in my body is happy” I think of Trisha who was able to overcome her fear of horses at Victor’s Dreams of Horses sanctuary, and Jan’s meeting the donkey she had had a dream about…

I have full respect for everyone for taking on a juice fast, however unfamiliar the concept, and coming through it.  I loved the sharing among women about their experiences and dreams, the healing we sent each other through the Power of Eight sessions, and how we all grew in confidence about being able to achieve our goals. Its amazing the joy that follows..

And I am deeply gratefully to all our team – to Katie and Lola in the kitchen, to John Cauchi for his ground-breaking Assemblage Point treatments, Magdalena and Corrado for the massages, and Simon for the yoga.

Best of all is to hear about the results – someone lost half a stone, another had a cyst disappear, everyone feeling more in the flow… keep in touch guys!

Here is Kheli’s news: ” The retreat has been a wonderful experience.  I went to the retreat after hearing that the tissue they had taken out of my breast was malignant and after having had also an abscess discovered in my ovary.. I felt overwhelmed and in need of a break.

The Resource team gave me a chance to do that.  I was very much held and supported by them and also the group.  Great juices were offered and bone broths.  I simply bathed in this care and received fantastic healing.  The hair test that they suggest to have is highly recommendable.  It made me understand what was happening in the physical body.

Amongst the participants I started to see a common picture that we seemed to all share – a conflict that ‘if I carry on my life like this, I won’t be able to do so’.  Our stories were similar, caring for others and just not having enough ME time.  This retreat gave me the possibility and the resource as to how I can change my life to regain the health that I have always had.  Upon my return I had shed not only some pounds but when I had another scan the abscess had disappeared. Thank you again!!

We have booked the last week of May in Gozo for next year, and will keep you posted about other plans for this autumn and beyond.