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The retreat you can do at home… The Power Box Detox

Posted on June 14th, 2016

Detox box 1If you can’t join us on retreat in Gozo or Somerset, or elsewhere for that matter, for whatever reason, from family or work commitments, affordability, accessibility, to health or disinclination, then the Box Detox is the answer! And even if you do come on a retreat, this invaluable resource can enable you to repeat the vital cleansing processes you need in the comfort of your own home…

Making use of the accumulated knowledge and experience of our biomedical health consultant, Beverley Rimmer, the Resource and Rebalance Me Power Box Detox contains a set of cleanses which will give your body a great detox. A programme for a 7 Day Intensive Detoxification and Purification will guide you through step by step.   There is a mass of information contained on a cd with detox techniques and health info, suggested recipes and juices, and a shopping list to give you everything you need. Take a detox staycation!

Let the Power Box Detox Resource and Rebalance your system so that you have the best chance of achieving your wellbeing goals!