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World Plant Milk Day today!

Posted on August 22nd, 2018

Today is World Plant Milk Day!

I love the variety of plant milks that are now available – coconut, almond, hazelnut, oat and so many more – and top of the cream, hemp!!

The best are of course the ones you make yourself!

As moves begin towards legalising cannabis, the real nutritional and medicinal benefits of hemp are once again being made available – as a complete protein packed with trace elements it is perhaps the best source of vegetable protein available…  So in my book it’s more than due a celebration!!

We recently got into a happy vibe watching the fab musical group Mobius Loop at the Green Gathering earlier this month.  And lo and behold they sang a Hemp Milk Song!! So here it is – sing along!

As the song says, making your own hemp milk is a very simple thing to do, using either the whole seeds or the shelled ones (the latter blend really easily, avoiding the need to strain the milk through a nut mylk bag, however they are more expensive).. I made a little video a while back, along with a hot chocolate suggestion which might be something to look forward to as the nights draw in and the temperature drops… Click here

We have been taking some time out for ourselves this summer so I haven’t been posting much, but I am very up for running some weekend wellness retreats here in the beautiful Quantock Hills in Somerset, not far from Glastonbury so we can include some sacred sites along with the healthy food, juices, therapies, healing and rest that we can provide here…. There’s some suggested dates on the website, or just get in touch if you have a weekend that suits you better….come and learn to make some gorgeous plant milk drinks and more!!

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