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Your Daily Cocktail

Posted on August 19th, 2014

Detox smoothieThese days there is no avoiding the fact that in the West we are taking in a daily cocktail of toxins, chemicals, hormones, and electro-magnetic frequencies –not just from the food we eat, but from the air we breathe, the water and other things we drink, the land we walk on, the cars we drive, the computers and TVs we watch, the clothes we wear, the cosmetics we put on our skin….. phew!

Our bodies are amazing at eliminating what is harmful… however, they do get worn down, especially by stress and as we get older… and we need to take care of them.

Methods of detoxing have never been more in the news, nor more needed. Our solution has been through raw food, in its various forms, including juicing, and herbs, and where necessary, use of supplements.

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Consultant Beverley Rimmer

One of the things that has pleased us the most since running our workshop in Gozo in the Spring is that the bio-medical consultant, Beverley Rimmer, who provides the amazingly detailed hair analysis and health reports which we offer on our detox retreats has now incorporated juicing into her prescriptions for all her patients! As she herself admitted, her focus had been very much on what not to put into the body, and eliminating toxins, while using supplements to boost essential nutrients. It worked. However, having researched the topic in depth, and put herself on to a juicing programme, she now glows with delight at the results.

“I have replaced one third of my recommended supplements with prescription juices” she says happily. “People are doing really well on it”.

The advantages of having a living food matrix – ie the whole food, working together – but in concentrated form through juicing so that you can take in many more, for example, green leaves than your digestion could cope with has been highlighted in several films which have boosted the popularity of juicing sky high!

The wonderful story of Joe Cross told in ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ has inspired thousands to follow his example – watch the trailer below

The new release from Jason Vale, “SuperJuice Me” shows how successful a juice programme can be. Just adding a daily juice or superfood smoothie as your daily cocktail can alone bring major benefits.

Our retreats aim to give detox over 7 days – and ways to manage to continue if you wish on your return. We also do short weekend detox retreats here in the UK. And we are working on providing longer retreats for those who need a major boost to their immune systems, along with the support we offer – if you might be interested in this, please sign up for our Personal Quantum Food Plan which is about to be launched or email
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In the meantime there are still places available on our October retreat in magical Malta where you can enjoy not just the benefits to your health, but the wonderful scenery and energy of this special island.