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Natural Tresses Restored with TRX2

Posted on March 27th, 2019

This lovely lady had lost all the hair from her forehead across the top of her head through cancer and chemotherapy – and had been told that the cells were dead so that there was no possibility of regrowth.  Both she and her daughter were very upset about this as you can imagine.  We met at the Penny Brohn Centre at the Cancerucan retreat in April, and I was so moved by her story that I gave her a bottle of capsules of TRX2, a product that we had recently taken on for our sister website.  I wanted to see if its claims to be able to generate new hair growth would stand up.

You can imagine how happy I was to receive a message (whilst having a few days off after our Gozo retreat), to say:

“I have some amazing news for you!! I was told some of my hair follicles were completely dead and would probably never grow hair again ? said the specialist BUT I started taking the molecular food supplements for hair you so kindly gave me at PB? while rubbing/massaging hair with castor oil, and sweet almond oil concoction… and I’m having a growth spurt in all of these areas I’m delighted as I’ve been so depressed about being bald and having the thought of hairpieces or wigs for rest of my life was hard to grasp mentally!

The picture on the right was sent with this message – clearly showing regrowth across the area which had been bald.  And now, a year on, her hair has grown so much she is putting it in braids (picture on the left) !

If you or someone you love is suffering in this way, then please pass on this message.

You can get TRX2 from our website  – its amazing!

For a YouTube video on how it works, click here